The Beaufort County Assessors Office did a countywide reassessment for property taxes in 2023.

​You should have received your notice in the mail this week.

​Pay special attention to the “CAPPED (LIMITED VALUE)” amount. That is the value that will determine your property tax amount.

​The market value is not important- only the capped value. Most everyone I’ve talked to has said that their market value was more than the property is worth but the capped value is less than the property is worth. You’re taxed only on the capped value.

​The only way I would recommend you appeal your taxes is if you think that your property is worth less than the capped value. I have not seen an instance of this yet.

​Most property owners will see their capped value increase 15%, which is the capped increase amount in a five-year period.

​If you purchased your property recently, the purchase price will be used as your taxable value.

​Also make sure your property is properly categorized with 0.04 or 0.06 ratio. If the property is your primary residence you should expect the 0.04 ratio.

​I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

You can always reach me on my cell at 843-384-7825.